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The Company

Enaeagram is a company with a difference focused on helping people to discover and develop themselves. We enable you to define your career and life towards success, happiness and fulfillment. Our aim is to bring a meaningful transformation and a positive change in your life by unleashing the true and hidden potential of your brain.

We enable the fusion of information technology and brain technology to help people to make informed decisions. We have a strong worldwide network of specialists, subject matter experts, IT professionals supporting us and working for our mission.

What we do

Further to an extensive research on human development and anthropology we have identified certain tools to help people to know their personality, ability, strength, weakness, level of intelligence and directing these knowledge and information towards their development, success and well-being.


Knowing one’s abilities, strength and weaknesses will help to choose and define a career path based on strength. Popularity and majority should not drive a career decision.


  • To choose and define their career path, identify skill set, training and development needs, career profiling, midlife career change etc.,
  • To do a compatibility assessment between two individuals.


  • build a team of effective individuals
  • for recruitment purposes, assessing training needs, job profiling, determine employee quality index.


  • For their students to define a successful career path and direction, training needs, to ascertain the student quality index.
  • To refine or re-define curriculum or improve and revise teaching methods.
  • For their teaching and non-teaching staff to identify their development areas and to improve their institutional standards.

The Team

The Enaeagram has dynamic, competent and committed team to help you achieve your goals and attain success. Our strategies help you to manage the success factors and overcome the challenges in the current market scenario enabling growth and facilitating success. Our strategic, technical and operational teams work coherently in achieving the objectives leading to your satisfaction and service excellence. We are distinguished by our values and attributes.

"The best investment you can make is always in yourself. It's always worth it."

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